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neighbour poisoned my tree nsw

you could get a professional to do the work, pruning can be dangerous and permanent damage - to you and the tree - can occur if it is not done properly. I think my neighbour has poisoned my tree, and I think he's done it before! public authorities may sometimes be excused for causing a nuisance in the course of performing necessary work. If your neighbour is happy to cooperate, they can apply to prune or remove the tree. What if the tree is on a public area? • Conflicts relating to private trees tied up resources of local councils, chamber magistrates, members of Parliament, legal aid and the police. Just as a bit of background, he hates my trees because he is getting leaves on his property. Tree in good shape. If a neighbour’s trees are overhanging your fence or if the roots are intruding onto your property in such a way that there is an ongoing, unreasonable interference with your enjoyment of your property, then the law says this is a “nuisance”. If the tree is a type that needs a permit from Council, there are a few options to get approval. The tree/hedge must be on pri­vate prop­er­ty in an urban zone. My neighbour did the same to me and it was a PITA, 5 large bushes/trees grew onto my property and cost me $300 to get them trimmed back to the fence line. Trees (Dis­putes Between Neigh­bours) Act 2006. If a tree is causing you and your property a problem there are things you can do and procedures that need to be followed but if it is just a case that you don't like trees you might like to think about therapy or counseling. The more I think about it, the more I suspect foul play, especially considering: Turns out my tree was there first and so any damage caused by the roots was not my responsibility. Drill several holes in roots under the soil and pore Tordon in it. Check the grass, plants and trees growing near the affected tree to see if they also show signs of being poisoned. If you think your neighbour’s tree is dangerous, you can report it to the council - for example if you think it might fall over. QCAT can make different orders depending on your particular situation. If the problem branches or roots are spreading onto your property, you are entitled to cut them back. They have since been removed after I brought it to his notice with photo proof, all the trees were removed and roots poisoned. We refused, we wanted to keep our tree, and then it mysteriously went all yellow and the fruit never got ripe, it just died. the neighbour's activity is a reasonable use of their land and they have taken precautions to prevent any damage from occurring; the person who suffers the damage has put up with it without complaint for a long time; the person suffered the damage because they or their property are unusually sensitive. The NSW State Library has published an easy to understand guide to Neighbours and the law.The guide covers different neighbourhood issues and disputes including: dividing fences, retaining walls, overhanging branches, animals and noise. My tree looks very dry and the leaves are brown.How can i test if it is poisoned. if legal action is something you are considering it may be preferable at first instance to have your solicitor write a letter to your neighbour clarifying the parties legal responsibilities. The Court is able to waive this requirement if it thinks that it isappropriate in the circumstances(18). This is for trees that do not require a permit from the council. Councils have the power to prosecute anyone for breaking a tree preservation order. If poison, such as petrol, has been poured on the ground around a tree, then it is very likely that nearby plants and trees are also suffering. But he says it was accidentaly, spray drift over a 6ft fence! If the tree does damage your property, you have proof that your neighbour knew about the problem and this will assist in damages claimed for negligence. Hello. The per­son mak­ing the claim must be the own­er or occu­pi­er of the land that adjoins the land on which the tree or hedge is sit­u­at­ed. What is the law regarding trees and plants intruding onto your property? My neighbour’s tree has branches that are overhanging or roots that are encroaching onto my property. Approach your neigh­bour in writ­ing address­ing the above con­cerns regard­ing the dam­age, dan­ger or obstruc­tion and work through them from there. I have repeatedly asked him to cut it down but he has refused. I have a tree on my side of the fence. posted by jeanmari at 8:49 AM on April 17, 2005 . The tree/hedge must be on the land adjoin­ing the affect­ed neighbour’s prop­er­ty. A bit of a background first. No. First­ly, the affect­ed neigh­bour needs to deter­mine whether the tree or hedge impact­ing them is eli­gi­ble to be claimed through the Trees (Dis­putes Between Neigh­bours) Act 2006 (Trees Act). I provided him quotes and he is saying that it is too expensive and he just wants my tree … Today I was walking the fence line and noticed a bottle placed in between one of the branches of a tree on my side. Legal action. Check with your local Council to see if the tree is covered by a tree preservation order. Trees on neighbours property causing damage or overhanging my property. A tree inside my garden has been poisoned by a neighbour. My tree has fallen on a neighbour’s property – am I or my insurer liable for the removal of, or damage caused by, the tree? What can I do to try to resolve the problem? You could ask your neighbour to pay for it or share in the cost, but even though their tree is causing the problem, they are probably not. Can a tree owner recover for actual losses caused by tree damage? Everything revolving around neighbour’s trees is guided and controlled by the Tree Disputes Between Neighbours Act 2006. My neighbour is poisoning my trees. When there is no tree preservation order. What can i do.They are very cruel Or see the Mediation section of this web site for information in other states. They have been cutting branches of without even asking. A neighbor poisoned a tree on my property. You can appeal to the Council to review the decision. any roots, fruit, branches you remove from your neighbour's tree remain your neighbour's property. If you do then you could be committing the offence of criminal damage and find yourself facing court charges and a fine. To answer these question, we need to go back to first principals: Insurance is a contract between an insurer and you. Exam­ples of dam­age or dan­ger to the affect­ed prop­er­ty include: Over­grown roots which may be break­ing paths or block­ing pipes, Falling leaves/fruit or falling branch­es. but also a sentimental one. if you decide to prune the tree yourself and do it. However, if you can establish a "tree watch" (and avoid involving other neighbors), you might be able to capture the data that will help to build a case. Q. Removing and Pruning Trees This websit has ceased to function however it still exists in The Wayback Machine web archive and that is what is linked to below. If the Council rejects your appeal you can lodge an appeal to the Land and Environment Court. This may not have been forthcoming. Hi my neighbour planted a tree 40years ago but has planted it dead in the middle of my garden and theirsand now it's not only grown half in my garden s that big it now blocks sun in my garden and not theirs its killed all my grass but not theirs its affected my garden more and more each year is there anything I could do for the tree to be cut down. My tree looks very dry and the leaves are brown.How can i test if it is poisoned. He has admitted to drilling holes in the tree and administering poison. If a tree on your neighbour’s land is causing issues, the best first step is to talk to your neighbour about it. Trees can cause many problems so planting a new tree is not just a matter of deciding where it will look best, you should probably think about how it will affect your neighbours. According to the law, you own the airspace above your land and the earth beneath your land (subject to special government laws on airspace etc). If mediation fails, property owners can apply to the NSW Land and Environment Court to resolve the matter. Talk to your neighbour and ask your neighbour to lodge an application to council to assess the tree for pruning or removal. The law leaves it up to neighbours to work this out, giving some rights to those affected by problem trees but no clear responsibility to owners to pay for these costs. Assessment of the tree pruning or removal needs to come from the property owner that the tree is on. The maximum fine in the Local Court is $2,000. It’s important to try to maintain good relationships with your neighbours, so it’s always best to first talk to them about any problems you … © 2020 Donovan Oates Hannaford Lawyers All Rights Reserved | Website by Giant Media. Seemed like it was set up for a slow drain into the tree. He complained about our mulberry tree saying the possums & fruit bats come and eat the mulberry's and keep him awake at night, he even offered to come cut it down for us. A neighbour may also be an occupier of land—a tenant of a rented property—affected by your tree, except in the case of overhanging branches. To actively resolve disputes in a way that is fair, just, accessible, quick and inexpensive. Neigh­bours who dis­agree about a tree or hedge on adjoin­ing prop­er­ties can be brought to the Court when: Along­side the above con­di­tions, there are oth­er pre­req­ui­sites the affect­ed neigh­bour needs to achieve to make sure their claim can be made, such as: If you’ve respond­ed “YES” to the above cri­te­ria, here are the next steps to go about resolv­ing your neigh­bour tree dis­pute. a neighbour’s tree, the local council’s Tree Preservation Order required that person to get permission from the tree owner. The roots are right against my fence. Generally, a neighbour is someone who owns adjacent land affected by your tree. Your best option is to try and reach an agreement with your neighbour about what should be done before lopping offending trees. Justice - Neighbourhood disputes about plants, Launceston City Council Tree Removal Frequently Asked Questions, The Law Handbook - A Practical Guide to the law in Victoria, QCAT (Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal), "Our journey through the L&EC jurisdiction should be a warning to others and calls into question the powers bestowed upon the L&EC by our legal system.". If poison, such as petrol, has been poured on the ground around a tree, then it is very likely that nearby plants and trees are also suffering. If you are a prop­er­ty own­er or occu­pi­er who wants to know more about what rights you have when it comes to set­tling issues about neigh­bour­ing trees or hedges then here is a sum­ma­ry of the things you need to know. If mediation fails, property owners can apply to the NSW Land and Environment Court to resolve the matter. The next step is to apply to the Local or Magistrates Court for an order requiring your neighbour to remove the tree. The more I think about it, the more I suspect foul play, especially considering: This includes, cutting down, topping, lopping, removing, ringbarking or causing any damage to a tree whether directly or indirectly. You can contact your Council to find this out. My son who died at the age of 40, and I, planted the tree together. A: You cannot poison your neighbour's tree. If they went to court, Some branches and leaves go into my neighbors yard. The fact they are showing evidence of rotting is even more pathetic. If the tree-keeper does not respond to the notice, the neighbour can proceed to have the lopping done and recover from the tree-keeper a maximum sum of $300 (s 58 Neighbourhood Disputes Act). The first thing you will need to do is check whether the tree is protected or subject to an environmental overlay. Taking the matter to court should always be the last resort. In most cases, the council informs your neighbour that you will be carrying out the work on X date ad you just go ahead and do the work yourself get a professional in. Orders QCAT can make. If the tree is a danger to the … • Conflicts relating to private trees tied up resources of local councils, chamber magistrates, members of Parliament, legal aid and the police. Most applications take between two to three weeks to be processed and a council inspector may come out to check the tree before the decision is made. They might ask the owner to make it safe or deal with it themselves. I am quite sad about the situation. It may be wise to check that the tree you are planting will not damage water or sewerage pipes because of the tree's root system. Land and Environment Court - Trees or hedge disputes process, NSW Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 Info Sheet PDF, Community Tree Watch Group - working to protect healthy public trees from inappropriate removal. but also a sentimental one. Points to consider: What if the Council does not grant the application to prune or remove a protected tree? An old tree in my backyard died recently, which at the time I thought nothing of. Professionally trained mediators will sit down with the parties in an attempt to resolve the matter quickly and possibly save the parties legal costs which result from court action. Here's the lowdown on what you must prove to recover for a damaged or destroyed tree, and how much money you can recover. What if my neighbour's trees are in Heritage Conservation Areas, Heritage Listed Properties and Endangered Ecological Communities Council’s Tree and Vegetation Preservation Measures Part 1B.6 does not provide any exemptions for properties within a Heritage Conservation Area, Heritage listed items or Endangered Ecological Communities. In fact he has been quite nasty. Hello, My next doors neighbour had 19 conifer trees running along the retaining wall that have damaged the joining retaining wall and fence. You are not entitled to prune more than 10 per cent of the tree and if the tree is protected you will need to get Council approval before you prune. I have a tree on my side of the fence. The Land and Envi­ron­ment Court will pro­vide an order which must be actioned by the neigh­bour caus­ing the impact. Tordon is the best tree killer on the market. Council’s conditions for undertaking pruning of a neighbour’s tree overhanging your property boundary are: The neighbour must be notified of the intention to prune the tree prior to the pruning work being undertaken, this includes council trees on … The tree/hedge must be on the land adjoin­ing the affect­ed neighbour’s prop­er­ty. A trained mediator will meet with you and your neighbour to discuss the problem and help you to resolve it. He was at first cooperative, saying for me to get quotes to get the matter fixed. We leave in Edgewater which is a pretty leafy suburb. I am quite sad about the situation. The tree is 24 years old and is a Tortured Willow. Looking on google those plants grow to 4 metres high, maybe the neighbour is concerned that it will grow onto his property and he has the trouble of trimming it and removing cuttings. So it is quite understandable to have trees in your backyard here. If you’re look­ing for detailed infor­ma­tion or resources with how to man­age your neigh­bour tree dis­pute you can take a look at the legal acts; Includ­ing: If you would like to dis­cuss any ques­tions you may have with respect to if you’re eli­gi­ble to claim a neigh­bour tree dis­pute or require sup­port rem­e­dy­ing a neigh­bour tree dis­pute, please con­tact Scott Williams on 02 6583 0427 or The local area is known for its many trees, but my neighbour has a large tree that overhangs my property and looks like it might be dying – is there anything I can do to stop it falling on my house? She states she can't see around our tree; even reported us to L&I numerous times, but they declared the tree is in no violation to Phila. If your neighbor or someone else cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree on your property without your permission, that person is required to compensate you (the tree owner) for your loss.

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