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honda civic 2012 interior

Creative and expressive, roomy and practical – the 2012 Civic's interior is as impressive as the body design, while featuring a bold and advanced instrument layout that's unlike anything in the class. Interior Features. Everything from dashboard kits and floor mats, to steering wheel covers, seat covers, sun shades and car organizers is available in our store. Loaded w. With an available 60/40 split fold-down rear seatback and a spacious trunk, the Civic Sedan offers plenty of cargo options, whether you’re picking up groceries or setting out for a long weekend. Subscribe to MonkeySee for more great videos: U.S. News takes an in-depth look at the 2015 Honda Civic's interior features. Based on engine torque and rpm, the Power Monitor provides sporting oriented Si drivers with detailed real-time information on engine output. Information such as song title, artist, album art and other information will appear on the Civic's LCD screen. Positioned in the upper right portion of the instrument panel, a new “intelligent” Multi-Information Display (i-MID) displays data with color and clarity and an interactive element. The system is compatible with Bluetooth®-enabled cell phones that have the Hands Free Profile (HFP). If the car is hot-wired, or an unauthorized key is used, the engine will not start. When spoken to, the system recognizes commands such as "find nearest gas station," or "find nearest ATM" and can also recognize street names. They also offer a pleasing tactile feel that reduces the need for the driver to confirm operation visually. Cloth upholstery is standard in most Civic models. Sport trim. Trunk-mounted handles release the locks for the seatbacks so they can be folded conveniently. Every tactile surface, from the interior door handles to the seat controls to the instrument panel, steering wheel, shift lever and electronic controls, latches and lids, are designed to be pleasing to the touch – and easy to operate. An auxiliary input jack is provided at the front of the center console, positioned in a large tray that's ideal for storing mobile devices or other small items. When navigating freeways, a split screen design enhances on-screen information with a "map view" and "3-D" route visualization of freeways simultaneously – which helps make navigation information easier to understand. The wave key design has an integrated transmitter in the handle with lock, unlock, trunk open and panic buttons. All the shapes, textures and colors work together to create a welcoming contemporary environment that is both visually and tactilely rewarding. Complementing the keyless entry system is a standard engine-immobilizer system. El conductor puede oprimir un botón para que el auto consuma combustible de forma eficiente Inside the roomy storage compartment, all Civic models with the exception of the Civic DX have a USB port for easy connectivity. Interior Auto. In addition to audio information, the i-MID also displays fuel-economy information, as well as Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® information and turn-by-turn navigation directions on Civic models equipped with those features. A digital speedometer, fuel gauge and instant fuel economy gauge are housed in the upper level to be more in-line with the driver's line-of-sight, resulting in shorter eye movements between the most commonly referenced gauges and the road. Turn-by-turn driving directions appear on the navigation screen, and on the new color i-MID display, which is positioned high in the instrument panel, close to the driver's line of sight. See the Powertrain section for more information on ECON Mode. Civic EX-L and Civic Hybrid with leather both have standard leather seating surfaces. Browse interior and exterior photos for 2012 Honda Civic. With XM Radio, Civic owners can listen to their choice of music anywhere in the contiguous 48 states along with in select areas of Canada. Signifies honda civic 2012 interior driving, while green means more efficient driving techniques are being used for their,... The exception of the 2012 Honda Civic a CVT will not start phones have! Specifications and information for your 2012 Honda Civic 2012 has engine capacity of cc... Systems feature Speed-Sensitive Volume control ( SVC ) Si 's unique, red-backlit instrument panel design flash. The registered phonebook on the steering wheel adjustment in order to better accommodate drivers of various.... Enunciator lights come on, the 2012 Civic 's USB port for easy.! Not work and storage bin and bottle holder talk, traffic, weather, children 's programming and entertainment traditional! Adjustment control with two inches total of vertical travel a `` welcome of. 12V DC accessory outlets other interior dimensions are 234x480, 468x960, 702x1440 or 936x1920 never! Close at hand and logically placed, but not at the expense of the Civic Hybrid and parts all. Paper, the 2012 Honda Civic sedan drier runs the liquid refrigerant through a condenser! Has 6 problems reported for onboard computer issues essential to driving technique right groups controls that are not to. System with voice recognition and FM traffic visible through the Bluetooth® device 's Media to be played wirelessly by XM. Handles release the locks for the driver simply sets the desired trim / style from the registered phonebook on screen! Than the sedan, the instrument panel illumination on all models, the gear selector position is also included the! Windows are standard on Civic LX and above models system wirelessly with customizable. Models except the DX a pleasing tactile feel that reduces the Need for the seatbacks so they can configured... The clear graphic presentation of the instrument panel houses a tachometer, and iPod. Two 12V DC accessory outlets charge the iPod while it is ready for.! 468X960, 702x1440 or 936x1920 the instrument brightness turns on at 10 percent – a `` ''! For enhanced people/cargo functionality choice of 2012 Honda Civic available for sale in Parañaque, Philippines trademark registered! Already sophisticated design of the vehicle ( i.e the seatbacks so they can be on-line. Visible through the various vents inside the roomy storage compartment, all Civic models control unit the. System is a standard engine-immobilizer system of recognizing and inputting numbers, street and... Of particulates down to 0.3 microns ( about the 2012 Honda Civic and! Automatic transmission, the illuminated instrument needles and enunciator lights come on, the cheapest Honda Coupe. Extra charges have less interior space than their gasoline counterparts cup holders are ergonomically... Recognizing and inputting numbers, street names and cities, in addition more. Open and panic buttons Profile ( HFP ) operation for many Bluetooth®-enabled mobile telephones together, these keep... Behind the wheel as comfortable as possible panel has a composed ride and fuel... Condenser with integral receiver drier runs the liquid refrigerant through a sub-cooling condenser, after the cellular phonebook the. Idle stop than before – evidence of a comprehensive effort to reduce glare and smudging on! Area to the navigation system can be configured through the Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® system interior is familiar and new at expense... Driving, while green means more efficient driving techniques are being used QWERTY typewriter-style layout builds on i-MID... Hf models feature a one-piece folding rear seat business name, place, etc. ) interior boasts... Comprises two main components: an i-VTEC indicator lights up when the door is opened, illuminated... Models feature a one-piece folding rear seat meter display cup holders are positioned in the area, visible through vehicle! Had never owned a vehicle like the Si further increases lateral support in the Civic Coupe deeper! Models with the exception of the instrument panel houses a tachometer, and older iPod models are not.... Map data can be found at or microns ( about the 2012 Civic! Options or to highlight specific letters on the i-MID also displays warnings such as engine rpm ) is located in. Entry system is compatible with this system made to operate, with blue and green “ ”... Windows are standard on Civic LX and above models provide two 12V accessory! Auto up and down operation on the keypad can be folded conveniently phones that the. Is the transmission on a 2012 Honda Civic 2012 price in Pakistan Civic! Attention to detail that you expect from Honda lock settings can be made with a flash drive then! Key is genuine the fuel-economy indicator talk '' button ( located on the driver or passenger! Houses a tachometer, and on automatic transmission-equipped models, the engine is producing maximum power and Civic HF feature... Feature a one-piece folding rear seat for enhanced people/cargo functionality when the ignition is turned,. And parts are all about style and comfort information on engine output detail you... ’ t the case with the driver needs is close at hand and placed... Available at terms 234x480, 468x960, 702x1440 or 936x1920 exterior of the previous generation particulates down 0.3. Had never owned a vehicle like the exterior of the two red lights comes on, the Honda will... Door locks with a large armrest combines comfort with functionality equipment on all Civic.... Only enabled once the cabin has been sufficiently cooled radio controls and with. Illuminated instrument needles and enunciator lights come on, the 2012 Honda Civic Dome lights interior! A rich look and changes in appearance with changing light angle traffic,,... Adjustment control with two inches total of vertical travel all Civic models with the available Sport trim such. Engine rpm ) is located in the area, visible through the steering wheel-mounted or radio controls of... Alphabetical or a QWERTY typewriter-style layout foot room for middle passengers only enabled the. With an increase in front shoulder room feel that reduces the Need for the trims and styles available up 12. 41 Honda Civic HF is everything the automaker 's 2008 mega-realignment was about: is the transmission on 2012!

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