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scrap aircraft fuselage for sale uk

military aircraft including: HARRIER: JAGUAR: SEA HARRIER: LYNX: HAWK: JET PROVOST: RECENT NEW ARRIVALS SEPECAT JAGUAR T4 TWO SEAT TRAINER WESTLAND LYNX MK.9A WESTLAND LYNX HMA MK.8 WESTLAND LYNX AH.1 Rotables Spare Parts with Release Certs for Boeing B747 Aircrafts: PN 066-1019-23, 066-1149-12 and More (749 Parts) Boeing 747 1st of 3x hawks T1 delivered from manufacturer specifically ordered for ETPS. When I was there five years ago they had two big yards, literally piled high with aircraft - Buccaneers, Shackleton bits, missile and engine parts, even a Nimrod simulator! I want to purchase the front of an aircraft to transform into a room. We are a UK based company specializing in British Ex. 1620 - Aircraft Landing Gear Components(0) 1630 - Aircraft Wheel & Brake Systems(0) 1640 - Aircraft Control Cable Products(0) 1650 - Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum & De-icing System Components(0) 1660 - Aircraft Air Condition, Heating & Pressurizing Equipment(0) 1680 - Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories & … Old US Military Aircraft at ‘Boneyard’ to Be Sold End of Life Military Planes to Be Auctioned As Scrap Metal by Government Liquidation. The aircraft was originally operated by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) which later became known as QinetiQ in 2001. I'm looking for something with between 5 feet 10 and 6 feet clearance for a person to stand in. Construction number: 190/312165. Airframe hours: 2871. Fuselage FI: 13.891. Basically what I want to do instead is use an old section of aircraft fuselage to span the 5 metre width of the barn, and I wanted to know what is the best aircraft to use and where in the UK (purely as research) can you find scrap aircraft. Our extensive network of contacts within the UK and Europe for the the sale of aircraft sections will ensure that the maximum value of your asset is achieved. History: Built 1981. The following aircraft MAY be available soon for sale: Cessna 1965 182 J - (sales code 26) - flyable 1970 A 150 L - (sales code 594) 1981 A 185 F on floats - (sales code 60) - flyable 1975 150 M - (sales code- 75) - parts aircraft 1973 150 L - (sales code 19) - maybe flyable GB Salvage offer a wide range of plane parts both to be converted and already converted and ready for use. This is a general scrapyard, but due to its proximity to the RAF base at Kinloss, it got a large amount of military aircraft scrap. Plane parts for conversion. Number of landings: 4631. MILITARY AIRCRAFT, ENGINES & SPARES. It's based in the Netherlands, but even though it specialises in ex-military planes and parts, they might have some valuable contacts or even know something for sale. We regularly supply colleges and training organisations with expertly cut sections (wide and narrow bodied), tailored to meet individual demand by our own in-house fabrication team. i have kept one and this cannon is spare and for sale here. "Within hours upon receipt of returned item, providing it is received in original condition" You’ll find a diverse range of parts we’ve sourced from retired planes all across the UK and Europe. Airfix assorted aircraft 1/144 & 1/72 scale scrap 4kg titanium raf tornado aircraft flap track runners. TOGA10 wrote:Maybe contact this company.

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